Neuss Capital is an investment fund specialized in the acquisition and start-up of service companies that provide technological solutions for the public and private sector.

We invest in innovative companies that capitalize the outburst of technology and which are positioned to develop rapidly and to have a leading position in the market.

We have management teams ready to provide services, improve operations and maximize the development of organizations through the strategic combination of capital and operative knowledge.
The fund is managed by a team of investors and operators with the necessary experience and technology to carry out private capital investments.


The Neuss Group is an Argentine business conglomerate with more than 120 years of experience doing business worldwide. The group is owned by the Neuss Family.

In 1891, Hermann Neuss founded Soda Neuss Belgrano, a company dedicated to the production of soft drinks, becoming leader of the Argentine soft drinks Market.

Succeeding his father, Jorge Justo Neuss started a new branch of business for the family: Energy and services for the public & private sector.
Subsequently, in the 1980s, Jorge Justo Neuss (h) and German Neuss took over the business group, continuing the existing business model and incorporating real estate development.







Neuss Capital looks for investments where it can play an active and significant role in the company management so as to build organizations capable of reaching all their potentiality.
In general, the companies which meet this profile offer a proprietary product or a service that satisfies an acknowledged market need. Neuss Capital’s objective is to identify companies which have evidenced the potential value of this type of products or services, often through their sales generation capacity.
We understand that creating a long-term value in companies requires a long term focus. We are patient investors.
Our experience in selected industries gives us the necessary knowledge to provide value to management, and it enables us to make use of the specific resources of the industry to accelerate the sales growth and the companies’ profitability.
We seek to combine experience in the sector with operative resources towards the increase of the companies’ sustainable value, by guiding them to carry out the appropriate long term investments and thus provide a better service to customers.
We are the right partner to help a company reach its long term objectives. Our ideal investments have a strong coincidence between our capacities and the potential of creating value of a company.
We strongly believe that we are able to frame investments in a way that suits the objectives of all parties involved, due to our flexibility and sensitivity to work with businessmen, families or institutional shareholders.
We are open to a wide range of investment structures.
Our relationship and alignment with management teams is of the utmost importance. We bring capital and experiences to the industry in order to put into practice our shared goals and visions.


Our team combines capital risk experts with professionals specialized in top level public sector investments.

No other company has our wide vision and experience in local markets, as well as our ability to understand the global trends that affect all our investments. We encourage team work, transparency and customer service with our partners, investors and contractors.

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